Me & Food

So, what is my relationship with food?  Well, there hasn’t been much of one until the last couple of years.  The only culinary training I’ve had was in grade 8 home economics, which I did quite well in I might add.  Growing up, I didn’t hang out in the kitchen baking cookies or making mac and cheese with my mom.  She would tell you that I always had my nose stuck in a book, studying to become a mad scientist (hence the name of the blog).  Lets just say learning how to cook wasn’t high on my to-do-list.  I regret not taking the time to learn from her.  She makes the best Chinese and Vietnamese food and ironically is a chef at a hotel restaurant!  After university, I moved out on my own and you would think my cooking skills improved.  But working long hours in the lab and living alone resulted in a lot of take-out, salads and large pots of pasta that lasted for days.  Food was just a way to get nutrients and energy.  I’d always said that if I could get all my nutrients from pills and not have to eat, I would do it.  On top of that, I found cooking to be a time-consuming chore that requires too much preparation and cleaning!  On the few occasions that I was inspired and motivated to cook (usually when I got tired of eating the same thing over and over again) I tried recipes from cookbooks that promised simple, healthy and delicious meals in less than 30 minutes!  Needless to say, a lot of these attempts led to bland, unappetizing meals and the result of these cookbooks collecting dust on my bookshelf.  Things did not improve much after I got married.  I am embarrassed to say that my husband was (is?) a better cook with a more developed palate.  I was more than happy to let him do most of the cooking.  But as his schedule became more hectic and mine slowed down, I began the search for easy and tasty recipes to try.  After some trial and error, I started to have an appreciation for food and learned that delicious dishes don’t have to consist of a million ingredients or take hours to prep.  You don’t even have to have fancy kitchen gadgets.  Heck, I just purchased my first set of mixing bowls last week and I don’t even have an electric hand mixer.  I’ve found the best part of cooking is seeing others (mainly my husband) enjoy it.  You will find here a collection of the my food trials which I hope will inspire you to dust off the apron (if you have one, but not required) and get into the kitchen!

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75 thoughts on “Me & Food

  1. when my parents sold their house and had to get rid of almost everything, they asked me what of my stuff do i really really really want them to try to keep and I told my mom to keep the electric mixer…she was shocked that i even remembered it and even more shocked why i wanted to keep it..but i remember it from my childhood and we made our first cupcakes with it! i hope she did manage to hang onto it for me…

  2. Fantastic! I never tried Asian kitchen myself so far, mainly because I never had the courage to try it. Yet I found some recipes here I will simply have to (try to) cook. And after all, in Europe we believe that Asian kitchen is good for health, physical efforts and the rest.
    We’ll see how good I’m at cooking. 😀

  3. I’m completely hopeless in the kitchen, my husband cooks the most yummiest foods and is not afraid to try new things. I on the other hand can barely get recipes right little lone experiment. I’m going to follow your blog and hopefully get some tips. 🙂

    • if you asked my husband a few years ago, he would’ve said i was hopeless in the kitchen too. and sometimes i still am. it just takes some practice. i always pick simple and fast recipes to try. i still can’t create a dish from scratch without a recipe, but i am learning. good luck! 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have much in common when it comes to preferring our noses to be stuck in books than over the stove. But what a fantastic job you seem to be doing! You’re an inspiration. Love your blog.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my Quesadillas I made this evening! Your recipes are awesome and I look forward to checking out your new adventures with food!


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