Food Trials

Below is a list of dishes I want to learn/attempt to make.  They may seem elementary or basic to some of you readers out there, while to others, they may seem ambitious.  Nonetheless,  this just shows you the extent of my culinary skills.  I’m sure there are some dishes that I’ve left out, but this is a start and should keep me busy in the kitchen for a while.  And any recommendations of good recipes for any of these dishes would be greatly appreciated!

eggs benny

roast beef
beef wellington
butter chicken
Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken
beef brisket curry

chili crab
crab with black bean sauce
salt and pepper shrimp
fish and chips

homemade pasta and sauce

sambal green beans

pineapple fried rice

Taiwanese noodle with meat sauce
chow mein
Singapore fried noodle

Baked goods/Dessert
ice cream
apple pie
almond croissants

Vietnamese steamed rolls
Vietnamese crepes
spring rolls
mac and cheese



30 thoughts on “Food Trials

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  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it and it helps me to find new blogs that have so much to offer.
    Your blog is beautiful. I’ll definitely be revisiting.

    Also, to help you out with this list, I have an amazing cheesecake recipe that you should check out. It’s really simple, no need for fancy kitchen gadgets, and it’s really tasty. I hope you enjoy and that you’ll be able to tick off another item on the list.


  4. I can recommend an excellent ice cream recipe. It’s designed for peanut butter, but I adapted it for Speculoos (Biscoff) spread. Here’s a direct link to the recipe:
    and a list of my adaptations (it’s in Feb week 2)

    I’d recommend skim milk over whole, given how much fat is already in the peanut butter. Hope you like it. Also Annie’s Eats does a great pizza recipe.

  5. Yvonne –

    Hope you are enjoying your kitchen adventures. I checked your list of thing you want to cook … and would be delighted to help you with a few recipes.

    Here’s what I’ve got … a yummy brie & sundried tomato omelet, traditional roast turkey, roast beef (does beef tenderloin work for you?), burger (how about a burger stuffed with goat cheese, grilled and topped with Sun-dried Tomato Aioli?), risotto (three kinds – mushroom, butternut squash and asparagus), pizza (Greek as wellas a a great mushroom flatbread), marinara, Bolognese and Puttanesca sauces, cheesecake (lemon with a gingersnap crust) and mac and cheese (two versions – one with bacon and roasted cauliflower and the other with lobster). If you are interested, I’ve got summer rolls but not spring rolls. Plus a whole lot more.

    King Arthur Flour is a good source for recipes for homemade pasta and bread (

    You’ll find my blog at and the recipe index address is

    Good luck and happy cooking – Susan

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  7. So I have found this flour that I absolutely love to make waffles and sweet breads out of. It happens to be Gluten Free which would make people not want to try it but this flour is very, very, very good. The brand is Pamela’s – Baking and Pancake Mix.

  8. Roast beef is an essential part of my cooking arsenal. I grew up on roast chicken every Friday, and beef for special occasions. There’s nothing like a roast rib of beef, on the bone. Tasty and impressive. Delia Smith is a British food goddess, and her website had a good, basic guide.

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall know his stuff on this subject too. The River Cottage Meat Book is one of my most valuable possessions.

  9. I am Italian, so I can help you out with the risotto etc. sorry can’t come over to the kitchen stove, but we can do a virtual risotto blog…. ciao

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