Mom’s food

My mom out did herself this weekend.  She made 3 dishes and dessert.  Looks messy, but it’s so good!

David’s favourite -steamed  spareribs with black bean sauce

Stir-fried snow peas and celery with prawn and chicken.

Chicken curry with all my favourite carbs – potato, sweet potato and yams
 Taro dessert with coconut milk and tapoica or as my mom would call it, hot bubble tea.

Thank-you mom.

Growing up, you take for granted mom’s daily home-cooking.  You don’t realize the amount of time and energy that goes into each meal until you have to do it yourself.  While holding down a full-time job, she still managed to put 3-4 dishes and soup on the dinner table each night and did it so effortlessly.  She made simple and non-elaborate meals, but they were the best.  Thanks for all the good, comfort home-cooked meals.  Wish I could cook like you.

Stir-fry chicken with celery and asparagus, fried fish and salt and pepper prawns.

Fried noodle.Spring rolls.