A nice looong weekend…

This past weekend was the Victoria Day weekend in Canada, which for most people meant a three-day weekend. But for me, since my company is low on funding and I only work four days a week, it meant an extra … Continue reading

Pinkberry has arrived!

Last weekend, after weeks of not hiking (someone’s been sick), we went for a hike on the Lynn Loop trail at Lynn Headwaters.

Since Lynn Headwaters is only 15 minutes from our place, this is a hike we do almost every weekend.

The hike can be done pretty much all year round.

In sun, rain (mostly rain) and snow.  Let me tell you from experience, the snow definitely makes it more difficult.

Anyhoo, when there isn’t snow, it’s a quick 5km with flat and hilly parts to keep things interesting.

And although we know this trail like the back of our hands, on days we’re dragging our heels, it can still kick our butts.

But on good days, we challenge ourselves by jogging it.  This time we were slow, but steady.

After a nice hike, we had a somewhat healthy lunch at Subway.  And since we were in the neighbourhood (not so much), we paid Pinkberry a visit.  Our first and only encounter with Pinkberry was during a trip to New York 2 years ago.  And it’s been on our minds ever since.  So, you can understand our excitement after learning it was opening a location in West Vancouver! 

Not surprisingly, the line-up was huge!  It was a sunny afternoon after all.

David wasn’t feeling so adventurous, so he didn’t want to share my watermelon and mango yogurt topped with mochi, kiwi, coffee crisp and fruit swirl.  Mmmm…mochi.

Instead he got the original topped with nuts, granola and fruit.  See, what did I say about him only liking fruit in desserts?

It was a nice sunny afternoon treat.  My only complaint was the price – $5.50 each for a small.  For a dollar more, you can get a medium which is big enough for two.  So go with someone who wants to share.  😉