Whistler weekend

Summer seems to have come and gone with the blink of an eye. In the past week, the weather has turned from unbearably hot to cool and a bit nippy. Fall is coming my friends. Where did the time go? I don’t feel like we got up to very much this summer…a few hikes here and there (it was too hot to hike) and a couple of afternoons spent at the beach and berry picking. We didn’t get to go on our annual camping trip with our sibling(s). Or should I say, we didn’t plan in advance and all the campsites were booked up by the time we decided we were going. Planning hasn’t been our strong suit as of late. I have always been a planner and it distresses me when there is disorder, but in the last couple of years, procrastination and disorganization have taken over. Take for instance our trip to Italy and Greece last fall, we visited 9 cities, but only had accommodations booked for 4 of them whereas on previous trips every minute and second is planned. Anyhoo, we were lucky that David’s uncle has a cabin up at Whistler that we were able to use…or so we thought. After driving an hour and a half up to the cabin, we found that it was already occupied. Oops, there was a wee bit of a mix up. No problem. We decided to go to a nearby lake and have a picnic dinner before heading back home. We did have a trunk full of food after all and it was a nice day. What else could go wrong? Well, we didn’t pack the gas connector for our Coleman grill. I had a nagging feeling that we had forgotten something! I knew exactly where we left it too. But I digress. There was no way to cook our food. There was nothing to eat but chips, fruit and buns. It was dinnertime and I was cranky and not about to go back home defeated. With the help of my trusty smart phone and VRBO, we found a condo to rent last-minute. It was an unexpected expense, but there was no other option. Aside from this whole fiasco, the rest of the weekend was lovely. We had a nice hike at beautiful Joffre Lakes, ate some good food and spent a few lazy hours at Alta Lake. This was a couple of weekends ago. In less than a week, the buses and trains will be packed again with students heading back to school. Luckily, I won’t be around for it. David and I are heading south this weekend on a camping trip along the Oregon coast. We have just today secured the last spot for one night at a campsite. The rest of the trip isn’t exactly planned out yet. You would think we learned from our recent experience. We’ll see how this trip goes…for now, I leave you with some images from Whistler…


6 thoughts on “Whistler weekend

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Beautiful blog here . . . love love love the food and the gorgeous photos! We have gone to Whistler the last couple years and love it. Heaven on earth.

  2. these pictures are amazing!!! we went to whistler in the winter to ski, and i have always been so keen to go in Summer – looks amazing!! – loving the blog!! 🙂

    • thank-you!! 🙂 i’m more of a hiker than a skier, so that’s why we usually go in the summer. i should really learn how to ski to take advantage of the slopes in our backyard. 😉

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