Princeton and New York

Two weeks ago, I was on the east coast to attend and celebrate my sister in-law’s (such an intelligent young woman!) PhD graduation from Princeton.  It was both mine and David’s first time in Princeton.  The campus is beautiful and the town is quaint.  You can really see all the history in the architecture of the buildings.  It was great being able to see the environment in which David’s younger sister was learning, living and growing.

After a couple of days in Princeton, we were off to NYC.  David’s dad had never been to the city, so while his parents were out seeing the sights, we took it easy, which is unusual for us when we travel. I usually cram a bunch of stuff in for us to do everyday.  This trip, however, was unplanned.  It was more about catching up with his cousins who live in the city and of course eating some good food.  We did a lot of walking to nowhere in particular.  We spent a day at the museum.  And we caught a Broadway show, which I didn’t really get to enjoy because just before the show started, I realized that I had lost the pendant and necklace David gave me for Christmas. 😦 I am still trying to let it go…

Anyway, here are some photos from our trip. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Princeton and New York

  1. What a lovely trip and so sad for it to be marred by your lose.. My daughter thought the same and found her cherished bracelet in a pair of shorts she’d forgotten she’d worn.. I hope the same happens to you!! xo Smidge

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  3. What a nice trip:) I usually love to plan as much as I can in advance, but I did the same thing as you when we stayed with a friend in Brooklyn last month. Being as we only had a little over a day there, I didn’t want to micromanage our time – and it worked out great!

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