A good birthday.

It was my birthday a few days ago – don’t ask me how old I turned.  As I get older, birthdays have become more about spending time with loved ones.  It’s about having a delicious meal with family.  This year, my mom made seafood chow mein, a must have on birthdays to symbolize long life in Chinese culture.  Chow mein was accompanied with chili prawns, rice with egg and dried scallops, and Vietnamese jello and shrimp crackers for after dinner snacks.

The following evening, my mother-in-law made one of my favourite Korean dishes, duk mandu guk, along with bulgogi and hobakjeon (pan-fried zucchini).  Yes, I’m lucky!

And let’s not forget about the 3 birthday cakes: Chinese mocha cake, chestnut cake and a decadent chocolate torte made by my talented sister-in-law.

Aside from the food, birthdays are about doing the things you love.  For me, that’s going on a hike at  Lynn Peak and taking the time to enjoy the view.

Just make sure your sibling doesn’t get lost along the way!

Birthdays have become less about gifts;  I think I outgrew them a long time ago.  I have everything I need and if I don’t, I can buy it myself.  Although, it is always nice to be spoiled by others with things I would never think of to get or splurge on myself like new earrings, a phone and cake decorating tools.

I think that’s a hint the cakes I’ve made in the past aren’t so attractive.  😛

I would also never splurge on an art set for myself.

Hopefully this gift will help foster my non-creative side, as you can see from my latest work of “art”.

There was one thing I asked David for this year, though.  And that was gift cards that I can give to random people I don’t know, whether it’s the guy at the skytrain station I pass everyday who wishes everyone a good day or the young kid with a squeegee at the intersections or whoever takes out the library book I return.

This crazy idea that David indulged me in was inspired by Kindness girl, who promotes anonymous acts of kindness to strangers, friends and family.  I hope this small act will put a little smile on someone’s face or help brighten up their day.  So, the next time it’s your birthday or anniversary or Christmas, spread the joy, spread the kindness.



5 thoughts on “A good birthday.

  1. That’s a wonderful thing to do! I’m positively giddy with excitement and am planning to give this a go myself come Christmas. Thank you.

    The chow mein, the chili prawns… I can already taste them in my mind.

    Have a great year ahead! 🙂

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