Scones revisisted

Another Sunday, another breakfast treat.  This time, it’s the scones I’ve made before but with slightly different ingredients – ones David is more used to seeing in his favourite scones.  Bacon is substituted with ham.  Can anyone tell me why ham is so expensive?

Swiss cheese is substituted with cheddar, which is also shredded instead of cubed.  I never seemed to be able to mix the cubed Swiss cheese well in with the dough and it always burnt on the outside.  Maybe I just cut the cubes too large.  As per David’s suggestion, shredding it seemed to work much better.

And another trick I picked up – cutting the dough with the rim of a small bowl.  Makes for nice, neat round scones instead of the irregular triangle shaped ones I ended up with before.

But what does it matter how it looks if it doesn’t taste good.  Luckily, it does.

Now, if only Sunday mornings didn’t have to end and we didn’t have a long work week ahead of us…….


5 thoughts on “Scones revisisted

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