Dinner for one.

On nights like this, when David is out and I’m home alone, I opt to make quick and easy meals.  By quick, I mean 5 minutes.  I eat stuff like:

Kimchi bowl noodle.  How to make:  Boil some water, add water to bowl, add some kimchi, cover, wait and eat.

Store bought salmon and salad kit.  How to make:  Remove salmon from packaging, heat up oil in pan and cook a few minutes on each side.  Remove salad from bag, put on plate with salmon and add dressing.  Eat.

Other times I eat stuff that David doesn’t like, such as:

Chinese sausage with egg.  How to make: Chop up sausage and green onion (shallots work well too) and beat up a couple of eggs.  Heat up some oil in a pan, fry the sausage for a few minutes, add egg and green onion mix, and cook until done.  Eat with a bowl of rice and some veggies.

This is one of my favourite meals.  Most people grew up on pb&j.  I grew up on Chinese sausage and egg.

What do you eat when you’re alone?


5 thoughts on “Dinner for one.

  1. This looks delicious–I love, love Chinese sausage. It’s definitely not good for you, but a little goes a long way. I usually make fried rice with left over rice, diced sausage, and any kind of veggies I have left over in my fridge! I’ll have to try it with egg as well.

  2. Oh cool…I never knew you grew up with chinese sausage and egg – I don’t think i’ve ever had it done your way until later in life (I would make the sausage egg omelette to serve with fried rice for raymond because he loves the chinese sausage <– and there I thought i was being creative when you grew up eating it!!!).

    When i was young, my mom would just steam the sasuage in the rice cooker when the rice is almost ready and we'll just eat it like that – ie take a bite of the link and then eat some rice with sweeten soy sauce.

    When I'm alone, I'll eat cheese and rice with seasoned salt or chips.

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