It’s only 9km.

Summer has finally arrived in Vancity.  Sorta.  It’s been alternating sunny and warm with cloudy/rain and cold.  But this past weekend was gorgeous!  Unfortunately, we were unable to get out to enjoy it on our weekly hike.  So, I can only sit here and reminisce about one we did a few weeks ago on a rare sunny day.  That day, we decided to skip our usual Lynn Loop trail at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, which is ~5km and takes us about an hour to do.  Instead, we wanted do a longer hike and settled on Norvan Falls, which is also at Lynn Headwaters.

This trail was supposed to be 9km round-trip, or so I thought.

But after about 45 minutes and 5km later, we had yet to arrive at our destination.

The hike was actually more like 7 or 8km each way.  Oops.  Hey, I’m a biologist, not a mathematician.

We wanted a longer hike and that’s what we got.  =P

The waterfall was not so impressive, but was a nice spot for lunch, which I think was David’s favourite part of the hike.  He made a sandwich with the leftovers from our Canada Day feast, consisting of jeyuk bokkeum/dweji bulgogi (spicy pork BBQ) and modeumjeon (pan-fried zucchini) and topped with mayo and kimchi.

Sounds like a strange combination, right?

It was actually pretty good.  This wasn’t the first time David has been creative with his food.  He’s known to make, not meatball sandwiches, but kimchi spaghetti meatball sandwiches.

What weird unsuspecting combination of flavours/ingredients have you put together that actually works?

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