Orange power

Today David and I joined in a community event at Grandview Elementary School in East Vancouver.

One hundred and fifty ING DIRECT employees and customers, community members and even some kids from the school came together to transform the existing space into a natural playground.  The event was the result of a 3 year planning process that involved many people including Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds and the Vancouver School Board and Parks Board as well as bringing together resources from all over such as trees for re-planting from other neighbourhoods and parks and driftwood and logs from Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island.  The aim of the event was to create a community hub for the neighbourhood to enjoy as well as to foster a child’s connection to nature.  Some of the projects of the day included:

creating a mosaic representing salmon swimming upstream to spawn,

laying down a whole lot of sod,

creating an amphitheater and removing weeds from the community garden.  Everyone got their hands dirty, including the CEO of ING DIRECT.  I was very impressed!  And although some of us sustained injuries (bruised finger and flying tile in the eye as the result of a hammer), the cause was worth it.  I can’t wait to go back in a few months to see the kids’ faces as they return to school and enjoy their new playground!

For more info on this event, check-out CBC News.

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