These are the moments….

Four years ago, I married my “one”.  Like the wedding day, these past four years have been an adventure with some tears and a bit of winging it, hard work at times and a lot of laughter.  I imagine the years to come to be much of the same.

At a friend’s recent wedding, as they were cutting their cake, I turned to David and asked him if he remembered what flavour our cake was.  He remembered that we had two flavours, one being some kind of chocolate.

Our wedding cake.

But he couldn’t remember the second one.  Hopefully this jogs his memory.

Lemon Raspberry cake (recipe from Willow Bird Baking).

Happy Anniversary!  Now, let’s listen to our cake cutting song

and have some cake!


10 thoughts on “These are the moments….

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful wedding cake, btw!

    Just wanted to stop by to thank you for visiting and commenting on my Freshly Pressed post earlier this week. I appreciate your kind words.

    I wish you MANY more happy anniversaries. Hope you make it at least 69 years too!

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