Recently, we went to Seattle to take advantage of the exchange rate to purchase much needed work and wedding attire.  Along the way, we stopped to take in the beautiful and colourful tulip fields at the Skagit Tulip Festival.

We were lucky to catch the tail end of the festival while the tulips were still in bloom.

After waking up from a good night’s sleep due to getting our hands dirty earlier in the day and the long drive, we had to figure out what to eat for breakfast in order to give us enough energy for a day of shopping.  We decided to forgo our usual McDonald’s egg mcmuffin meal and went for french pastries at Le Panier instead.

The line-up was at least 15 minutes long, longer than you would expect on a Sunday morning at 9:30am.  Were all these people waiting locals or tourists that read the same hotel visitors’ guide as us?

The wait for coffee was also long, so long that David already finished his breakfast before we got our caffeine fix.  But the wait was worth it!

I got an almond croissant that was light, flaky and buttery on the outside, but not too oily like croissants tend to be.  The inside was filled with a yummy almond-cream and it was topped with perfectly toasted almonds.  It was much better than the almond croissants I used to get at my old neighbourhood coffee shop.  I’m going to have to make these croissants in one of my food trials!


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