More rice pudding please.

On this rainy Saturday morning (typical Vancouver weather), my sister and I spent a few hours thinking about someone other than ourselves.  We joined Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen to serve lunch at the First United Church in East Vancouver to anyone and everyone who needed a warm meal.  This organization formed in 2007 to encourage Sikh youths to contribute to the community as well as to practice langer (the communal kitchen) and seva (the selfless service of humanity), both teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  Even though we are obviously not practitioners of the Sikh religion, the group was very welcoming and thankful for our participation.  Today we served chickpea curry, rice and the crowd pleaser, rice pudding.  The most disappointing part of the day was when we ran out of rice and rice pudding and were not able to serve the few latecomers.  Everyone that we were able to serve were truly grateful, not just for the simple meal, but also for the simple “hello, how are you today?” and the feeling of being part of the community.  During the 2.5 hours that we were there, we were entertained by two talented pianists and interacted with highly intellectual individuals who seemed to be down on their luck.  Today reminds me of how appearances can be deceiving and how little effort it takes to make a bit of a difference.

All the volunteers.


3 thoughts on “More rice pudding please.

  1. sounds like an excellent use of a saturday, yvonne, especially a rainy one. it’s a nice reminder that, at the end of the day – despite religious, language, and cultural barriers – kindness and empathy can flourish between human beings.

    we may think we’re all going to different places after we die, but for now, we’re all here. might as well get along and make it a pleasant stay.

    i can’t shake the feeling that i should be thinking about others too, especially after this wknd of devastation in japan.

    look forward to your future posts (and pictures!?)

    • It is truly sad with what has happened in Japan. I can only speak for myself that we sometimes get all wrapped up in our own little worlds and forget that there is a whole world out there with many less fortunate. Hope you are doing well and that I don’t disappoint or bore with my post. 😉

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